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How to Setup and Use SMART STB

SMART STB offers a free 7-day trial at the beginning of the first installation. Afterwards, the customer has to pay 27 euros to activate it forever. If you wait after the 7 days to buy, you will have to leave with a new activation code, which will not give you the 7 days free but will offer you to pay directly. SMART STB activation will be processed in the application developer portal: see more

In this tutorial we will show you how to install and configure the IPTV subscription on SMART STB

Download Smart STB via the Store of your Smart TV

Restart the application, while loading press OK, to get to the menu.


Once in "System Setting" go to ACTIVATION

Stay on this screen, and from your phone, tablet or computer, go to the SMART STB website. (

Once on the SMART STB website, validate "UNLOCK CUSTOM PORTAL FOR SMART TV (7 days Trial)", then click on "CONTINUE".

You will arrive on a page, where you will find your activation code, write down your code, but, do not close this page.

Enter the activation code in your Smart STB application and validate.

Go back to the website page (previous picture), a new page will load automatically, you will now have to enter the information to create your account, and validate the 7 days of testing of the SMART STB application.

Keep your identifiers, during the period of the 7 free days, if you wish to buy the application, reconnect to the SMART STB website ( It will cost you 27€ (lifetime). If you wait after the 7 days period to buy, you will have to leave with a new activation code, which will not give you the 7 free days but will offer you to pay directly.

Still on Smart STB's website

Click on :

  • 1- HOME

You will find yourself on your list of Products, therefore of STB license, whether it is active or in on it.

Go to Change Portal URL

Write down your Virtual MAC and provide it to your IPTV reseller. In exchange, he will provide you with a URL that you will type in 1 in 2, you will put the name you want, it's only to locate you if you plan to install several IPTV. Then press Update Custom Portal URL

In the meantime, if your dealer has successfully sent the IPTV stream via the provided MAC address, all you have to do is turn on the TV and your SMART STB application.

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