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How to Setup and Use SMARTONE IPTV

SMARTONE IPTV is an free app giving you access to your live IPTV subscription, including movies or series. This application is compatible with several media such as Samsung Smart TV, LG SMART TV, iptv decoder.

In this tutorial we will show you how to install and configure the IPTV subscription on SMARTONE IPTV

SMARTONE IPTV IPTV Subscription Overview :

SMARTONE IPTV IPTV is one of the most stable IPTV application on Samsung Smart tv, the application is free and easy to activate and use, the application contains more than 1500 H265 quality channels, among the best channels in the world.

Different from the rest of the non-free applications that need to classify channels and the know-how to activate them, as well as the difficulty to update the channel list.

SMARTONE IPTV and free ( you don't need any additional expenses ) moreover it's easy to activate it you just have to enter your activation code and press the blue button on the remote control to activate your subscription ( this manipulation is necessary just for the first time ) after that you just have to open the application to connect directly to the service.

Why H265 channels, and what's more about this new stream compression standard, this technology allows you to watch high quality channels. You can continue to watch your favorite channels throughout the day, without the need for fast Internet.

SMARTONE IPTV IPTV works anywhere in the world, Wherever you are, you can continue watching your favorite channels, need a satellite dish.

Our support team is always at your service, to assist you in activating and renewing your subscription at any time 12/24 - 7/7.

Our technical teams are always monitoring our servers, to guarantee the functioning of 24-hour service are problem.

SMARTONE IPTV is compatible with :

The SMARTONE IPTV iptv subscription works on Samsung smart TVs, the application is available on the Samsung apps store, if you can't find the application on the store you can install the application manually by following the user guide available on our tutorial page.

if you find difficulties contact your support on the site chat, to guide you to install the application on your smart TV.

your subscription also works on other applications available on other smart TV, Lg, Philips, Hissence... such as "smart iptv" and "ss-iptv" for example.

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One subscription to own it all, high definition 4K, fast loading, enjoy the good time of IPTV

No hidden consumption, all subscriptions can enjoy live TV, TV series, movies and other media, 58000+ movies, 16000+ TV channels and 17000+ TV series, watch as you like
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