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Privacy Policy

Last modified on 23 Aug, 2023

Privacy Policy

This section describes ZIPTV’s privacy policy.

This privacy policy applies to all pages of ZIPTV.
All information provided by customers for subscribing to IPTV services is managed through a secure system.
Customers should read this privacy policy before visiting ZIPTV and providing information. Our website will ask for your consent to the privacy policy before receiving your information.

■ Consent to the collection of personal information
ZIPTV has prepared the consent process for this Personal Information Processing Policy before receiving customers' personal information. If you check [I agree], you are deemed to have agreed to the collection of personal information.

■Personal information collection items
ZIPTV collects personal information for the purpose of operating the IPTV Application.
ο Collection items: email, service usage records, access logs, cookies, access IP information, payment records, etc.
ο Personal information collection method: IPTV subscription order provided by ZIPTV
Information provided by customers is used only for IPTV subscription services and is not provided for other marketing methods.

■ Storage of personal information, etc.
Information provided to ZIPTV to apply for an IPTV subscription with the customer's consent. Unpaid or paid personal information is managed and stored on ZIPTV's servers for 2 years.
After two years, customer information will be deleted and ZIPTV will not store any customer information.
However, if the customer requests deletion, it will be completely deleted immediately upon request, and ZIPTV will not own or store any customer information.

■ Minors
We reserve the right to deny service requests from minors accessing the Site.

■ Marketing
ZIPTV will not sell or share customer information in any form other than IPTV subscriptions.
Additionally, ZIPTV does not use customer information for any marketing purposes.

■ Automatic personal information collection device (information about cookies)
ZIPTV operates "cookies" to store and retrieve customer information from time to time.
Cookies are very small text files that are sent to a customer's browser from the server used to operate the Company's website and stored on the customer's computer's hard drive. ZIPTV uses cookies for the following purposes:

▶ Purpose of cookie use - Analyze visit frequency and visit time of applicants and visitors
Customers may choose to install cookies. Therefore, customers can accept all cookies by setting options in their web browser, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse the saving of all cookies.
However, if a customer refuses to install cookies, they may encounter difficulties in providing the service.

■ Spam
ZIPTV does not spam its customers.
Additionally, we do not ask customers for their credit card or banking information via email.
Please note that we protect the privacy of our customers and do not attempt to obtain this information.

■ Supplement
ZIPTV's servers are located on and customer information is stored on these servers.
Customer information is valuable and securely managed and may be permanently deleted upon customer request.
(However, payment information is stored on a separate server for 6 months so that it can be reviewed in the event of a dispute.)
ZIPTV's servers use a server management company that ensures they are fully replenished, stored and optimally protected through security systems, firewalls, encryption and passwords, etc.

■ Customer Center
If you have any questions about the privacy policy of the ZIPTV website, please contact us via the following email and we will respond sincerely.

The above changed privacy policy of ZIPTV is effective as of May 1, 2021.

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