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Refund policy

Last modified on 23 Aug, 2023

Refund instructions:
1. ZIPTV is a company that specializes in providing IPTV subscription services. Your subscription is non-refundable after use.
2. When there is a problem with someone else’s card or a stolen card, the applicant is responsible for paying fees and compensation.
3. ZIPTV will issue the subscription account password and other information after you pay the order for you to use our subscription service safely.

For users who have successfully subscribed to the IPTV service and completed the use, refunds cannot be made. For information errors caused by the user, the adverse consequences will be borne by the user himself. Users who are refunded during use will be based on the remaining value after use. Make a refund.

How to get a refund:
If you need to apply for a refund, please submit a service ticket to the billing department within the corresponding period after the first payment of the product.
The refund will be completed within 5 days of receiving your service order. Payment will be refunded via the original method of payment.
If you still have not received your refund after 5 days, or if you have other refund-related inquiries, please contact our billing department.
It should be noted that if your payment method is a refund operation by credit card payment, you may not see the record of the refund directly in the bill. You only need to check whether there is a successfully deducted and issued payment in the bill. Just record it.

Please note:
If we are found to have deliberately used the refund policy more than once to obtain illegal services, we will consider this behavior to be fraud, will not provide a refund, and will permanently terminate the party's account.
The refund policy does not apply to pre-deposited funds and renewals. Please see the Renewal Policy for more information.
Neither ZIPTV allows balance transfers between accounts.
The refund policy will also not apply if there is a violation of other service terms and policies.

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